God Bless Woodrow “Woody” Barlettani

Many Renoites miss Woody and his popular hot dog stand, once a regular part of the downtown landscape.  Sometime in 2007 (as I remember hearing about it from an elderly and young neighbor in the course of recruiting volunteers for the caucus),  he suffered a health crisis.  When I told Woody today at his temporary “art gallery” in Room 122 of the TownHouse Motor Lodge  (which he is sharing with artist John Werner) that I used to buy hot dogs from him, he shared how he developed congestive heart failure.  For a long time, he said, he limited himself to one polish dog per week, but when he ate more of them (thus ingesting too much sodium nitrate), his health problems surfaced. 

And, he goes way back to the counter cultural scene, his cartoons appearing in the old Berkeley Barb.  (God, that brings back the memories.)  I remember a couple of years  back that the Reno News and Review did a great profile on that period of his life.  (Yes, he knew Robert Crumb, who he reports now lives in Paris.)

"Oh...you want me to pose?  Okay."

"Oh...you want me to pose? Okay."

(BTW, in addition to many, many pieces of cartooning pieces, Woody has a bunch of used books on the bed there in Room 122, which you can get with a donation helping him to pay for the room.  Please help in that department.  I will be doing so before the weekend is up.)

Woody's contact info

Woody's contact info



To see photos of John Werner’s art (also in Room 122 at the TownHouse Motor Lodge), see today’s additions to the NadaDada Motel Flickr photo set:



2 Responses to “God Bless Woodrow “Woody” Barlettani”

  1. Woody Barlettani Says:

    thank you, it’s always good to be remembered for sum-tin you love doing, and after being kicked to the side…”once a great gladiator, now just an ol’ warrior put out to pasture” ,practicing kindness & love… Woody

  2. FrankieTrees Says:

    Out of 15 of twenty of us only three are still standing and communicating. I salute a great warrior!

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