African animal preserve in Point Arena!

Point Arena, California

Yes…….65 animals “representing” varied species of rare and endangered African antelope and zebras live in Point Arena on 100 acres of land that begins only yards east of Main Street Point Arena, at the beginning of Eureka Hill Rd (or Riverside Dr as this intial stretch of road is labeled).

It’s called the B. Bryan Preserve:

Tours can be scheduled only by reservation (707 882-2297).  Popular times are during feeding (4pm during winter, 5:30pm during summer), with the tours an hour and a half long (costing $20 for adults, $10 for children).


2 Responses to “African animal preserve in Point Arena!”

  1. Chris Tinney Says:

    Just stopping by to say hi. 🙂
    Love teh story and pictures. Beautiful animals

  2. atiasrama Says:

    Hi Chris!

    Just a few miles down the road, they (the Rancheria or Reservation) are building a casino….believe it or not. On the edge of a town with a population of 473 and accessed by a two lane winding coastal highway.

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