Lama Sumati Marut is back in Reno with offerings of talks….AND A CENTER

Reno, Nevada

The non profit “Asian Classics Institute-Reno” has a home and it looks to my eyes to be a good one too.

And, I could hear Lama Sumati Marut tell his friends and students with him, just upon arriving for the very first time, that he liked it alot also.

606 W Plumb (tucked away at Arlington Garden Mall)

 Right now, it looks like there are four instructors for a very rich schedule of classes and events (most are free, it seems, except for one class which I suspect is based on the great and valuable resource by Patanjali called The Yoga Sutras).  See this page to get acquainted with who they are:

Last night I was given a schedule of the classes, which you all can see here:

The Lama gave a talk last night.  I arrived early and the large space inside was already filled up and an “overflow” seemed apparent outside the door.  My plans are to hear his talk today at 3pm, which I think may be on the practice of lojong (a meditation/healing/compassion practice utilizing breathing and attention).

To see the full schedule of Lama Marut’s “Great Awakening Tour”, go to 

He’s very clear…………and funny as hell also.  Even though every time I’ve gone to see him talk they give us detailed resource material as background to his talks (such as the original literature which the subject is based on), this former University professor (yes, he’s an American) does NOT put his “classes” to sleep, that’s for sure.


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